Protected: And it starts…

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Why do men have to be such jerks? I don’t even know why my husband and I had a row today.. All i know is, I was upset for, like a min; the next thing i know, my husband is upset because he felt I was making fuss over nothing. He then ditches our plans for the evening and just drives back home. Somehow every … Continue reading Rant

time to let go

“There are two lasting bequests we can give our children. One is roots, the other is wings,” said Hodding Carter, an American journalist and surely, truer words were never spoken. However, how many of us can actually do this? The typical Indian scenario is that parents never let go of their children. In the Indian cultural context, how can parents learn to let go and help … Continue reading time to let go

random rants

I am done with wedding for a loooooong loooooong time. I think now I know why the divorce rate is low inIndia. It is mainly bcoz of the elaborate rituals/ceremonies which mark our weddings. God!! I have had enough. I am so pissed off with Mr Mandooka who is away in US and returning just 5 days before wedding. Which means, I have to walk … Continue reading random rants

Friend indeed?

Ruby I came across this article in Deccan Herald today, that computer is fast replacing canine as man’s best friend. That made me think…We had Ruby for 13 years. She passed on in December 2009. She was a wonderful dog. I loved her to bits. After my dad’s illness if I have cried my heart out in hospitals it’s for her. There was something so … Continue reading Friend indeed?