Why do men have to be such jerks?

I don’t even know why my husband and I had a row today.. All i know is, I was upset for, like a min; the next thing i know, my husband is upset because he felt I was making fuss over nothing. He then ditches our plans for the evening and just drives back home.

Somehow every time I am upset, i end up consoling him and apologizing. I am tired of this trend. I just feel like, maybe, i should just shut up. Shut up and never let him know how I am feeling. Just do my work, cook and put food on the table.

Why cant I have a bad day??? why do i have to be in a “good” mood 24/7? I am a person… I do have issues at times… All i ask is for a window period to get over it… Is five minutes too much to ask? He gives me 30 secs or max a minute to shake myself up and be okay.


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