11/52: Precious


When I was in class 9th, my dad had to go out-of-station just a few days before my birthday. He was to return only after my birthday. That was the first time he had to miss the occasion. I was pretty low about it. On the day of my birthday, I received this telegram from my dad filled with his birthday wishes for me. I was very happy and over the moon. He had wished me over the telephone too but still this gesture on paper made it more special. I clung on to it and tucked it away carefully. My dad passed on 6 yrs after this.

Now, this is my most precious memorabilia. Every birthday I open this, to read the wishes. The message by itself is timeless. Feels like he just wrote this for this year’s birthday. In 2013, the 160 yr old telegram service in India ceased its operations. I am glad I have a souvenir for the same as well.

                                       ***Linking up with Toni for 52 weeks of memories***


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